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Create Your Narrative

[Five Branding Exercises to understand your identity]

Discover the power of your story and connect with your audience authentically

This ebook presents five branding exercises developed by communications specialist Hellen Albuquerque. Through playful and creative activities, you will explore your identity, define your personal brand and connect in a meaningful way with your target audience.

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Whether you're an entrepreneur, artist, or professional looking to stand out, this practical guide will help you create a powerful narrative that reflects who you are and what you offer the world.

Exercises are a way to connect with the essence of your project


Fun activities that

stimulate creativity.

Achieve your goals

Visualize the future and motivate you to take the necessary actions to achieve them.

Inspire confidence

By understanding your identity, you communicate your message clearly and persuasively.

With this e-book you will:

Explore Your


use your personal and professional story to discover what makes you unique


Its Relevance

By differentiating yourself from your competition, you become more relevant to your target audience, increasing your influence and impact.


in Shape


create an emotional connection with your target audience, building a strong and lasting brand.

To define

Your brand


Identify your values, mission and vision, creating a positive image in the market and increasing your relevance.


Download and connect with your audience right now!

These exclusive exercises will expand your possibilities and understanding of who the ideal audience for your creations is.

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